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          Blood Testing Instruments
          Our company brings forth a range of blood testing instruments to measure the haemoglobin and percentage of each type of white blood cell in blood. These instruments are table-top instruments that are simple to operate. 
          Electrochemistry Instruments
          From conductivity meter, salinity meter to pH meter and potentiometer, find the right electrochemistry instrument based on the application requirement. In many industries, these measuring instruments are used. 
          Pharmaceutical Instruments
          Whether you want to measure, analyse or test water quality, friability, melting point, density, leak or any other property of the pharmaceutical raw material or final product, you can use a right instrument from this range of pharmaceutical instruments. 
          Flame Photometer

          Our company brings forth different models of table-top flame photometer. Each instrument comprises of a compressor unit, nebulizer, filter, detector and display unit.

          Tablet Hardness Tester
          Tablet hardness tester is a handy testing instrument that measures hardness of tablet in N(Newton), KGF (Kilogram Force) and Lbf (Low bound Force) units. This instrument is used in pharmaceutical industry. 
          Antibiotic Zone Reader
          Antibiotic Zone Reader is a digital instrument that is used to determine the strength of antibiotic material and measure diameter of inhibition zone in petri-dish.